I don’t think we’ve been so busy with things to do and places to be in a very long time. I had set out to fill our social calendar this summer, but I hadn’t realized how exhausting it can be! I’m not complaining by any means, but for folks who are pretty mellow and uneventful we have broken our mold big time. Here’s an update of what’s going on here:
Our puppy Gus is growing quickly and is over 40 pounds now and just 4 months old. He’s a good dog, but like all puppies, is into everything.

My mother-in-law came and went.

I visited the bay area for work. Missing it terribly.

After the MIL left we spent 2 nights away from the kiddo on a grown-up weekend. I had purchased tickets to the police concert in Philadelphia back in the spring and we ventured up with some friends. I have to say that it was the BEST time ever. Yes, EVER. My friend Christina worked some crazy magic and got us some new seats in the 23rd row. I could see Sting’s belly when his shirt would go up. It was so awesome to be so close and enjoy such a wonderful concert. It was also a good break without the kiddo. We certainly missed her, but it was nice not to have to negotiate with someone to eat their dinner.

My cousin got married in July and we went to Pennsylvania for that as well. It was a small beautiful wedding just outside of Philadelphia. All of my family stayed at a hotel that claimed they had suites but were not suite-like in the slightest. The pool was a good distraction on a rainy morning and we got some good produce at a farmers stand and a traveling gnome for the garden.

This past weekend our good friends came down on the train from New York to visit us. We had a great time just catching up, watching the kids play and relaxing.

That brings us to today. My mamaw (yes, mamaw) is visiting with my parents for a few weeks. She will be 91 on the 18th and is very active, lively and funny. She came over to our house last week and was admiring the tomato trellises. When I told her Dave had built them, she said “well, isn’t he as handy as a pocket in a shirt”

Now isn’t that just the funniest thing you’ve heard.


I received my envirosax’s about 2 weeks ago and have used them on several shopping trips so far. I have to say, hands down, they are awesome! Yes, they really do deserve the explanation point. Definitely worth the wait for the backorder to come in.

I can fit all of a weeks shopping trip into the 5 sacs and can even carry more than I’m able to in the plastic sacs. They are easy to carry on your shoulder even when heavy and they are quick easy to fold down for storing.

I have notmartha to thank for turning me on to them – thanks Megan.

I have vivid memories of my sister and me going to the bank drive-thru with my grandmother when we stayed with her. I don’t remember how frequently we went there, but what I remember was the lollipops they gave us and the dog biscuit for my grandmother’s dog Cookie. The anticipation of what color they would give us. The hope it would be either red or purple since those were our favorites! Cookie hardly ever came along, but she was happy when we returned with a treat for her. These days, it’s hard to find a bank with a drive-thru with a human being teller. Thinking about it, I can only think of one I’ve seen since moving here.I think most any drive-thru today involves paying out money instead of receiving it. Being a vegetarian I personally am quite limited on the places I can drive-thru with one exception – Starbucks. I enjoy and loath Starbucks – much like my fascination with Martha Stewart. I admire how SB has branded their beverages to make you feel cool carrying the cup around. I love, love, love the fact that there is a drive thru for my convenience no more than 1 mile from my doorstep. And I can not STAND that I am unable to order any drink there in the proper fashion for the baristas not to make me feel like a moron. Most often it goes something like this:

Me: Um, yes, I’d like a café latte iced…Venti café latte. Oh, with an extra shot.
Barista: You want a VENTI, ICED, café latte with an extra shot.
Me: Um…yes. [thinking to myself yes, that IS what I SAID]

It’s like you need to know the code in order to get your drink. And if you get it wrong they’re going to tell you you’re wrong. I even began ordering iced tea since I thought I couldn’t mess that up. I mess that up.

I keep going back though. I suppose deep down I need to feel cool walking around with my SB cup. This weekend, on a trip to the drive-thru, I noticed something new. Cookie would have been happy. And maybe, if he’s good, the new pup will too.



It came to me while staring out the window. This is the first of many….I hope.

Everything before this was created outside of this blog.

…It’s about me and my thoughts. It’s about sharing my family. Sharing with friends. And I suppose strangers too. A place to rant and rave. A place to share cool stuff and dumb stories. And last but not least the random stuff. Maybe that’s it. Random…

The other evening I was watching my favorite “news” program, the Soup and they mentioned the attempted assassination of the Vice President. Now, I know that I don’t watch much news and spend way more time on so-called celebrity news, but I thought why would I have missed this?After having done a Google search on the topic, I found out that I had known about this event and didn’t think twice about it being an assignation attempt. Is it callus of me to think that it was just another suicide bomber in Afghanistan and not a particular attempt at someone specific? Because a terrorist group thinks the act was a good idea and claims it as their own and as a target towards someone, does that make it true?

I remember President Reagan getting out/in a car and dodging bullets and it being played over and over and over again. I was only 6 years old, but I remember it vividly. That attempt seemed more “real” and in our faces.

Maybe it’s the war in Iraq or the constant stream of similar images, but it seems I’m a bit jaded on this…

“Oh, are you an artist?””Um, well…I’ve had times in my life when I do artistic things, but I don’t think I’m an artist”

Why can’t I?

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