We met the (soon to be) newest addition to our family today. We spent a few hours in the sun playing with the puppies, chatting with other the other families, and trying to absorb all that Colleen was talking with us about. The little one was excited, but she thought the car trip was too long to wait to see the doggies. She was super good with them and the larger dogs and even with the other kids.

He’s the “pick of the litter”, a ham and biggest one at about 9.5 lbs right now. He’ll be about 15-20 lbs when we bring him home and we expect he’ll end up being a big guy – just what we wanted! We’ll get to pick him up in about 2 weeks but before then we have a lot of reading to do in the puppy binder. The breeder, Colleen, put together a bunch of reference materials for us to read to be the most prepared we can when he comes home. Oh, and we need to think of a name. Our list changes each day, but it feels like we’re close.

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