Dave’s pick this week from Netflix was 2001: Space Odyssey. He’d never saw the classic sci-fi movie and was tired of the romantic-comedy films I have been choosing. I thought I had seen it before with I was a kid visiting an uncle who was obsessed with sci-fi on laser disc and knitting (that’s ANOTHER story), but 4 minutes into the film I realized I hadn’t and it was going to be a long night.

I don’t know if I’m just dense, but I didn’t get it. It should have been called 2001: Space Silence. No one talked. They must have paid the actors by the word. I saw Castaway and didn’t notice that he wasn’t talking, but I hung on the silence in this film just waiting for someone to say anything. Jokes would have been good. 45 minutes of the film took place on a ship traveling to Jupiter with 2 astronauts who were working. They spoke to each other once for two minutes and that was to plan how to disconnect the computer. Didn’t say good morning when they ate together. Didn’t chat about their interview with the BBC news reporter. Didn’t ask how their mushy corn was. Nada.

Then there’s the big black rectangular rock that appears at the down of man and then on the moon and then floating by Jupiter. And it plays music. Why? What does it do? Who made it? Was it on earth to help us evolve? Is it the same rock or different ones?

Now let’s talk about their clothes. It looked like the scene of a 1960’s mod film. I would think the director would have a little more imagination about futuristic attire. Or should I say did he have any imagination in that respect at all since the movie was filmed in 1968!

Many people believe this is one of the best films ever made. It is a beautiful representation of the questions “where we came from” or “how the universe came to be”. I don’t get it. I just don’t get it. Maybe it was HAL. Maybe the lack of dialog. Or David’s strange appearance in a white room that looks like a French museum. Or possibly the lack of a summary to the plot. I think it was the worst film I have ever seem. Really. No really – it was! Worse even than the only movie I’ve left the theater in the middle of.