I had a fantastic day full of shopping as my mother’s day present from Dave. Sara and I encountered this goose on her nest as we went into Macys. She had made her nest between 2 bushes about 10 feet from the door right along a sidewalk. Who knew mama geese weren’t so smart.

We enjoyed our stroll through the mall for a few hours sans kiddos and kept seeing this man with a dog in his handbag. He swung it around like there wasn’t a dog in it and we wondered if there was a lady somewhere missing her pet laden accessory. As we stood in line for some cold stone’s, I couldn’t resist capturing a photo of the dog trying to sneak out. Just after I took this the lady showed up and showered toe dog with kisses while she ate her ice cream.

I’m glad our pending puppy addition will never fit into my handbag. And I’m glad I’m not a stupid goose.