The queen of England graced our shore with a visit from across the pond last week. I didn’t win tickets to view her grand entrance and wasn’t that motivated to haul my cookies down south to try and catch a glimpse on my own dime. I did however tune in for the full coverage local news had about her stops on the 6 day visit. One day the video showed her walking up onstage for some speech and she had her handbag in her hand.


Now, being that she’s the QUEEN, why does she need a handbag? Especially one that isn’t all that fashionable? I mean seriously, what does she have to carry around? Aren’t there people for that? Her husband, Prince Philip, isn’t doing much, why can’t her hold her stuff? It’s not like she has a wallet or needs to have a place to carry her speeches. Or even if she really likes mints I’m sure she could get someone to hand her one if she wanted it. I really think the queen needs a person who can readily dispense tissues for her in the event she has a teary eye or has to sneeze. If that position doesn’t currently exist, it should be posted right away. At the very least a position should be filled for carrying the handbag for her. It’s so silly she has to do that herself. And if she wants to continue carrying it herself, maybe she should invest in an Orla Kiely – they’re my favorite.