May 2007

I have vivid memories of my sister and me going to the bank drive-thru with my grandmother when we stayed with her. I don’t remember how frequently we went there, but what I remember was the lollipops they gave us and the dog biscuit for my grandmother’s dog Cookie. The anticipation of what color they would give us. The hope it would be either red or purple since those were our favorites! Cookie hardly ever came along, but she was happy when we returned with a treat for her. These days, it’s hard to find a bank with a drive-thru with a human being teller. Thinking about it, I can only think of one I’ve seen since moving here.I think most any drive-thru today involves paying out money instead of receiving it. Being a vegetarian I personally am quite limited on the places I can drive-thru with one exception – Starbucks. I enjoy and loath Starbucks – much like my fascination with Martha Stewart. I admire how SB has branded their beverages to make you feel cool carrying the cup around. I love, love, love the fact that there is a drive thru for my convenience no more than 1 mile from my doorstep. And I can not STAND that I am unable to order any drink there in the proper fashion for the baristas not to make me feel like a moron. Most often it goes something like this:

Me: Um, yes, I’d like a café latte iced…Venti café latte. Oh, with an extra shot.
Barista: You want a VENTI, ICED, café latte with an extra shot.
Me: Um…yes. [thinking to myself yes, that IS what I SAID]

It’s like you need to know the code in order to get your drink. And if you get it wrong they’re going to tell you you’re wrong. I even began ordering iced tea since I thought I couldn’t mess that up. I mess that up.

I keep going back though. I suppose deep down I need to feel cool walking around with my SB cup. This weekend, on a trip to the drive-thru, I noticed something new. Cookie would have been happy. And maybe, if he’s good, the new pup will too.



The kiddo really likes to see her own picture taken these days – even more than posing for one. It’s sometimes a challenge to get her to stay still or far enough from the camera to take a good shot since she anxious to see the results of the picture. After a few tries of getting her to say cheese, I switched to video and caught this wonderful rendition of the ABC’s


We met the (soon to be) newest addition to our family today. We spent a few hours in the sun playing with the puppies, chatting with other the other families, and trying to absorb all that Colleen was talking with us about. The little one was excited, but she thought the car trip was too long to wait to see the doggies. She was super good with them and the larger dogs and even with the other kids.

He’s the “pick of the litter”, a ham and biggest one at about 9.5 lbs right now. He’ll be about 15-20 lbs when we bring him home and we expect he’ll end up being a big guy – just what we wanted! We’ll get to pick him up in about 2 weeks but before then we have a lot of reading to do in the puppy binder. The breeder, Colleen, put together a bunch of reference materials for us to read to be the most prepared we can when he comes home. Oh, and we need to think of a name. Our list changes each day, but it feels like we’re close.

If you’re interested in seeing more pictures, click here.

Dave’s pick this week from Netflix was 2001: Space Odyssey. He’d never saw the classic sci-fi movie and was tired of the romantic-comedy films I have been choosing. I thought I had seen it before with I was a kid visiting an uncle who was obsessed with sci-fi on laser disc and knitting (that’s ANOTHER story), but 4 minutes into the film I realized I hadn’t and it was going to be a long night.

I don’t know if I’m just dense, but I didn’t get it. It should have been called 2001: Space Silence. No one talked. They must have paid the actors by the word. I saw Castaway and didn’t notice that he wasn’t talking, but I hung on the silence in this film just waiting for someone to say anything. Jokes would have been good. 45 minutes of the film took place on a ship traveling to Jupiter with 2 astronauts who were working. They spoke to each other once for two minutes and that was to plan how to disconnect the computer. Didn’t say good morning when they ate together. Didn’t chat about their interview with the BBC news reporter. Didn’t ask how their mushy corn was. Nada.

Then there’s the big black rectangular rock that appears at the down of man and then on the moon and then floating by Jupiter. And it plays music. Why? What does it do? Who made it? Was it on earth to help us evolve? Is it the same rock or different ones?

Now let’s talk about their clothes. It looked like the scene of a 1960’s mod film. I would think the director would have a little more imagination about futuristic attire. Or should I say did he have any imagination in that respect at all since the movie was filmed in 1968!

Many people believe this is one of the best films ever made. It is a beautiful representation of the questions “where we came from” or “how the universe came to be”. I don’t get it. I just don’t get it. Maybe it was HAL. Maybe the lack of dialog. Or David’s strange appearance in a white room that looks like a French museum. Or possibly the lack of a summary to the plot. I think it was the worst film I have ever seem. Really. No really – it was! Worse even than the only movie I’ve left the theater in the middle of.

I had a fantastic day full of shopping as my mother’s day present from Dave. Sara and I encountered this goose on her nest as we went into Macys. She had made her nest between 2 bushes about 10 feet from the door right along a sidewalk. Who knew mama geese weren’t so smart.

We enjoyed our stroll through the mall for a few hours sans kiddos and kept seeing this man with a dog in his handbag. He swung it around like there wasn’t a dog in it and we wondered if there was a lady somewhere missing her pet laden accessory. As we stood in line for some cold stone’s, I couldn’t resist capturing a photo of the dog trying to sneak out. Just after I took this the lady showed up and showered toe dog with kisses while she ate her ice cream.

I’m glad our pending puppy addition will never fit into my handbag. And I’m glad I’m not a stupid goose.


It came to me while staring out the window. This is the first of many….I hope.

Everything before this was created outside of this blog.

The queen of England graced our shore with a visit from across the pond last week. I didn’t win tickets to view her grand entrance and wasn’t that motivated to haul my cookies down south to try and catch a glimpse on my own dime. I did however tune in for the full coverage local news had about her stops on the 6 day visit. One day the video showed her walking up onstage for some speech and she had her handbag in her hand.


Now, being that she’s the QUEEN, why does she need a handbag? Especially one that isn’t all that fashionable? I mean seriously, what does she have to carry around? Aren’t there people for that? Her husband, Prince Philip, isn’t doing much, why can’t her hold her stuff? It’s not like she has a wallet or needs to have a place to carry her speeches. Or even if she really likes mints I’m sure she could get someone to hand her one if she wanted it. I really think the queen needs a person who can readily dispense tissues for her in the event she has a teary eye or has to sneeze. If that position doesn’t currently exist, it should be posted right away. At the very least a position should be filled for carrying the handbag for her. It’s so silly she has to do that herself. And if she wants to continue carrying it herself, maybe she should invest in an Orla Kiely – they’re my favorite.

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