7:15am – TuesdayReston, VA
Starbucks…yuppie strip mall
In line with many people who are probably on their way to work at Oracle.

Barista: Can I take the order of the next person in line?
Me: Yes, I’d like a Venti black iced tea with a shot of raspberry
Barista: What kind of tea?
Me: Black tea
Barista: Original or classic?
Me: Um…plain black tea
Barista: With lemonade?
Me: No, a shot of raspberry
Barista: But no lemonade?
Me: No
Barista: Okay…I’ve had 3 iced teas with lemonade this morning.
Me: Oh
Barista: I’m totally not awake this morning…what size?
Me: Venti
Barista: Okay

Again I feel I’m Starbucks ordering deficient