March 2007

Last night we had my mom over for dinner to join us for the BBQ we were cooking on the 80 degree day. As I was clearing off the table, she noticed the organic dishwasher powder and asked “are you going green”? I thought for a second and decided the answer was yes. Yes, we are! We’ve bought the florescent light bulbs, set our heater to 67, buy organic milk and have set our washing machine to cold water. We’re really trying to make an effort to be more conscious about the kind of impact we have as a family.


This past weekend we went to New York City to visit friends and do a little bit of sight seeing. It was totally a fun time. It was a bit chilly, but beautiful weather. We went up in the empire state building and saw amazing views, saw times square, the new york public library, and grand central station. We had fantastic food…chinese food delivery, sushi, pizza and bagels. The kiddos had fun playing, were really great tourists and went to bed with just a little coaxing. AB did great in the car and took good naps. We were even able to swing by Wilmington on the way home and had dinner with some de la ware friends. It was a much needed and enjoyed mini-vaca! Thanks!

We’ve just come out the other end of some really nasty colds. I sure don’t like this part of winter where you can’t open up the house and let the germs free. Fortunately mother nature has turned a new “temporary” leaf and has graced us with some spring like weather to help us get rid of our germs. It’s been nice having the birds chirping as I work and the breeze flow through the house. I’ve really forgotten how the seasons changing is such an exciting time for me. For that I’m glad we’re here.

The other evening I was watching my favorite “news” program, the Soup and they mentioned the attempted assassination of the Vice President. Now, I know that I don’t watch much news and spend way more time on so-called celebrity news, but I thought why would I have missed this?After having done a Google search on the topic, I found out that I had known about this event and didn’t think twice about it being an assignation attempt. Is it callus of me to think that it was just another suicide bomber in Afghanistan and not a particular attempt at someone specific? Because a terrorist group thinks the act was a good idea and claims it as their own and as a target towards someone, does that make it true?

I remember President Reagan getting out/in a car and dodging bullets and it being played over and over and over again. I was only 6 years old, but I remember it vividly. That attempt seemed more “real” and in our faces.

Maybe it’s the war in Iraq or the constant stream of similar images, but it seems I’m a bit jaded on this…