December 2006

“This corner marks the site of auctions for slaves and property ~ 1984” Now it marks the corner of the cross walk and we passed by without visibly taking notice or saying a word.For me, I felt sad and thought why should we call this out here in such a sterile way? I then wondered what she felt if she even had taken notice. I don’t think ignoring it is good, but we did. But what would we say or should we have said?



I had a dream last night of birthing triplets in a quite easy and fun birth – full of laughter? These triplets end up being a cabbage patch kid, a power puff “boy” and a Barbie-like doll. How and where do you find the birth of 3 ideas that spawned this dream while you’re awake?

I once listened to this morning radio show that pulled a huge April Fools Day prank that totally devastated me. Not because it was mean hearted or hurtful, but it made me realize how obsessed I was. The prank itself built up over a week culminating in the DJs walking off the show and 2 new DJs taking their place that following Monday (April Fools Day). The thoughts that went through my head were of “Oh my god! When will I see them again? How do I get in touch with them? What am I going to do without them?” It was as if a close friend had moved away without telling me. The prank was short lived but it really made me think about how unrealistic my “relationship” was with people I had never met yet held so close to myself. I stopped listening that day in part because I was hurt by such a scare, but also because I knew how crazy my perception of them had become and I needed to distance myself.I think this has happened to me again. This time with a blog I read every day or even multiple times a day. It’s not the only blog I read daily, but somehow I identify with this person I’ve never met. We are both mothers of Aquarius kiddos and the thoughts she shares resonate with me so much so I think we’d really be great friends. That statement sounds so weird because again, I have never met her.

I guess these “obsessions” have given or give me joy in parts of my life. The morning show gave me a lot of laughter when I was heading to a job I hated. The blog gives me things too…she has gotten me to think about the love of writing I once had and how I can incorporate it into my life again, she inspires some of the creativity shoved down deep, and she makes me step back and look at how life flows both full and empty, but to try and keep things in perspective.