Let me start by saying that I have only EVER flown first class one other time in my life, when a very compassionate (and procrastinating) co-worker offered her purchased seat in first class to a very pregnant me on a flight from San Francisco to Dallas. I spent this past week in the desert beauty of Tucson Arizona for our annual department meeting. I stayed over to Saturday morning for a flight back to the east coast and was confronted with a question at the self check-in kiosk for my American Airlines flight. It asked if I wanted to upgrade myself for a nominal fee to first class. I thought about it for a few moments and said, why the heck not! For those of you who have been pregnant, there isn’t much you can enjoy those last couple months, even when you are sitting in first class and I saw this as the opportunity to enjoy something that had otherwise gone un-enjoyed before.I chose seat 5A and I was on my way. I got to experience the complimentary juice or water served in a “normal” plastic cup that hints to the other passengers in coach know we are special. Then there is the formal beverage request prior to take off which is then served after hitting cruising altitude in a REAL glass! What followed was a small warm bowl of mixed nuts and then a warm wet washcloth. I’m not sure why it followed the nuts. Then it was our choice of entrée served on real plates with real glasses, however plastic utensils. What followed shortly after the removal of our entrées was the most wonderful thing! FRESH BAKED CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!!!!!!!!!! I think that this is that “wow” factor that every airline needs to do on each and EVERY flight for each and EVERY passenger. The smell alone makes me happy.